Where you have come from always determines where you will be going. Or, sometimes, just how you will get there.

My 2011 hasn't been overall very pleasant. It started with Sharon's death on January 8th and then roller coastered from there on out.
But as I wrote a little status update for new years eve I realised I have had so many great things happen through the year. Massively fun, great things that seem to be overshadowed by the little day-in and day-out struggles.
I would say its American but it may just be a western thing, or even human, to focus on the bad and the negative when they are just ankle deep. I sometimes feel *bad analogy alert* that I am standing barefoot in a freezing puddle watching the most beautiful sunset. The discomfort of one overshadows the beauty of the other but the discomfort is only mild and awkward at best. However, at the time the feeling is all I can focus on. Its in these moments, moments of revision and reflection, that I realise how beautiful everything going on around me truly was.

I made some amazing friends.
I am living in possibly one of the more gorgeous parts of England.
I have a great Church.
I travelled to Turkey, France (kinda) and the Czech Republic.
I finished a great MA and made amazing contacts for furthering my education
I was able to show my brother and parents where I spent my last year and show off a bit of what I do daily. It was so much fun to have them out here (albeit at different times)

Basically, the prompt of this is to show myself that on a yearly basis,  I am growing. The things from the previous year help shape where I am going next year and how I get there.

Today I made a list of actions that I can take to align my deeds with my faith.
What I do correctly and what I need to improve on. . . And in some cases what I missed all together in 2011.

I cant start anew every new years if I want to get anywhere. I would like to just forget many of the things last year brought but I would also forget the lessons learnt. I would like to have something to build upon.

2012 brings:
my official MA graduation.
I turn 25
my second year living abroad
a year of discovery of my talents
discovering where God wants me
hopefully enrolment in RLS

Im excited. Even in the rough times when I cant see beyond my circumstances because I

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