Today was one of those days where I felt like an adult.

I suppose not the WHOLE day but segments.  In particular a conversation where communication was perfect.

I suppose its a sign of growing. Not necessarily UP but as a person. I have a difficulty saying what I mean and getting my feelings out in the open. Generally when they are not always what the other wants to hear. I have, in the past (even this year) hidden them.
It was refreshing to have a discussion of important things with communication working as it should.

One of my goals to achieve before I turn 25 is to constantly re-evaluate how communicative I am being with those around me. Am I saying what I mean? Am I saying anything at all?

I would like to turn 25 with a constant habit of explaining myself, my feelings, and my thoughts without panicking about what the other person will think.

(of course, for those that are worried, this means in a pleasant and thoughtful way. I'm not meaning to line people and blast them with my opinions)

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