Ive spent a considerable amount of time on site design and none on content.

Ive not been happy with the layout of the blog and the readability but I really should have been more focused on the content.

As I browse back over my past writings I feel mostly twinges of awkwardness and embarrassment. I suppose any writer should feel the same as they should evolve as a writer and as a person over time.

I am unsure if I have evolved as a writer. It is quite possible that I have devolved out of sheer complacency.
I do feel separated from the person who has written most of these posts; as if I am viewing her through a looking glass.
The story of her life causes those awkward cringe moments in movies. Winces followed by 'OMG really did that happen?'

I want to consider this year and its happenings in the following blog and begin again. A new start along with those who are looking for a new start.
A readership who is also looking to begin 2014 with fresh eyes and a slate looking to be filled with better and more deliberately new things.

Goodbye 2013. I do not know how I feel about you but you
, like those before you, shall pass.

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