Here begins a new blog for me. I have had the same blogger since 2007 and after a great run I believe its time to begin anew.

And by anew I mean finish the challenge I set out on and maintain the positive posts. The checked ones are one I have posted and the blank, well you know the rest.

The 30 day blog challenge.
Day 1 — Your favourite song (right now) {x}
Day 2 — Your favourite movie {x}
Day 3 — A photo that makes you happy [x]
Day 4 — Your favourite book [x]
Day 5 —  A hobby of yours [x]
Day 6 — someone who made your childhood bearable [x]
Day 7 —What does your ideal place look like?  [x]
Day 8 —  a children's book that you still enjoy reading as an adult. [x]
Day 9 —Write about a time you were in the hospital  [x]
Day 10 — A photo of you taken over ten years ago[x]
Day 11 — A talent of yours[x]
Day 12 —A fictional book [x]
Day 13 — A photo you took [x]
Day 14—A non-fictional book[x]
Day 15 — If you really knew me, you would know that… [x]
Day 16 — A song that makes you cry (or nearly)[x]
Day 17 — An art piece you admire [x]
Day 18 — In your mind is the glass half-full, half-empty, or something else?[x]
Day 19 — A photo of you taken recently[x]
Day 20 — Your favourite quote []
Day 21 — A recipe[]
Day 22 — Write about a stuffed animal or doll that was/is special to you. []
Day 23 — A YouTube video[]
Day 24 — A rule I broke.[]
 Day 25 — Your day, in great detail[]
Day 26 — Your week, in great detail[]
Day 27 — This month, in great detail[]
Day 28 — This year, in great detail[]
Day 29 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days[]
Day 30 — What food perfectly represents who you are[]

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