'You need a crutch because you are weak' is the answer, not so softly, directed at my question.
'This Christ you follow is only because you need help', is what he said.

My temptation is to argue back, explaining I am not weak or in need but that would be a lie.

However, not any more weak than the faceless atheist in this conversation.

Further conversation reveals their terror at inanimate objects, heights, death, dark alleys, animals, people, and life in general. Fear stricken he clings desperately to facts, controllable figures, and things set in stone. Science, the only definable aspect of his life.

Psychology will tell you the inability to admit what the problem is will tear the most statured person apart. An introspective person will identify where they are weak and seek the counsel they need causing growth in the inner person.

I am aware that fear once gripped me. I too used medicines to sleep at night, to control the stress levels, to wake me up in the mornings, to stave off the dark circles under my eyes when a nightmare plagued the few hours of sleep I had.
Weakness. A weakness I know I am not alone in.
Your phobias betray you dear intellectual.

Your crutch is broken and useless.

Your mind cannot save you from itself and its contrived and depressed state. Unable to leave your room for fear someone may find you out. You really aren't as good as you've made yourself out to be, not as statured, not as controlled.
A life on the brink of destruction at all times. Adventure? or more realistically terror.

Tears your pillow and anti depressants only know of.

but I am weak.

However, my God says that in MY weakness HE is strong.

I do not disagree with your statement then. I do, indeed, need Him. I have introspected and realised I am the farthest from perfect that I could be and rely on him to be perfect when I need Him to be.

I have laid my fears of failure, death, pain, suffering, and worry aside.
I have picked up sleep filled nights, a worry free existence.

I suppose your charged statement of my needing help couldn't be wrong if I wanted it to be.

So what then is the difference between you and Me?
I am unafraid of my weakness because it plays no part of who I am.

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