I have my MA from the University of Exeter in Classics and Ancient History with Merit.

That feels so incredibly amazing to say! To be honest I wasn't sure how I was going to do with the chaos of this past year. Between Sharon's death after Christmas, completely switching topics (from Archaeology to Philosophy), being enrolled in the incorrect modules, and living in a strange country I expected barely to scrape by. Of course, as always, I could have done better but I am pleased with the outcome -- with all things together considered.

The best was my dad's response on FB. It made me cry...
Not that I need to be validated for work but recognition is AMAZING from your parents.

The congratulations and nice words on facebook have been overwhelming as well. I just wish people knew how big of a milestone this is for me. My MASTERS degree. Something I have wanted since I was a little goober!

I've decided to take part in the ceremony. It sounds so much more exciting now that I know what I have gotten. I have two tickets so people can come watch but I am not sure who to have come watch me! haha. Someone with a camera and patience (and a poor friend to tag along)!

I need a dress and heels.

THIS is cause for celebration.

GOD IS SO GOOD! I deserve so much less than this and am entirely humbled by this year. I shouldn't be here. It brings me to tears.
Again, I wish I could impart how much this little paper means to me and what it represents.

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