Eyes encapsulating only what reflects light enough to tell of fables still untold, 
a word search made up of lives intricately knit together to be read in any which direction. 

Read love, hope, hate, friend, pain;
perspective of the woven worlds may prove to conform to each that reads.

To close the eye to the words is to open your heart and, there, much more light is let in;
reflection plays no part in your hearts story while projection plays the leading role. 

My eyes closed begins to tell a story that I only hope to become a part of;
A play in which words collide to create what is to be. 

Barely a breath escapes without a tug of hope from the life projected out towards those I find myself loosely knit to. 

Each sigh clings to the strings that tie myself to the unknown, 
tugs in a direction towards pools of unknown depth and alternating colours. 

Uncertainty is never anyone's friend yet proves to be everyone's companion -  at least for a while. 

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