I read through my last post and smiled.

I really did have a revival in my life. A refreshing of life actually.

Our church here in Exeter had a revival and brought in an amazing spirit filled speaker. Terry Shuttlesworth.

It gave me the push that I needed to start down the path I needed to. Well, to, as CS Lewis puts it, turn back because its the shortest way to the correct end.

Some massive things have changed, some are still changing.

**I'm putting of my PhD for one. Not forever, but long enough that it no longer rules my every thought. I need some time to focus on my spirit and soul. I really have spent the past few years focusing on academia and not taken the time to grow myself. This came to light during the revival conference at church.

** Two, I am not going to date this year --from today until today next year-- (and the next bc RLS doesn't allow it haha) because I need to sort myself out. I need to figure out what I like, what I don't like, and how to entirely gain happiness without influence from another person. I've met and have been surrounded with great people but I am not in a place where I need to be. If I wasn't me, I wouldn't date me.

** I am planning on 2 years in Exeter. This year working at Starbucks full time (I've been offered the chance to promote in Jan) and next year at a leadership school. After those two years then we will see what happens.

I am so relieved, certain, relaxed, and happy. My parents are happy with my new found path for the next few years as well.

I really have been pushed to be a true Christian. Its been something I ignored for a long time but now have a really really strong desire for.

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