I have officially handed in both copies of my dissertation, gotten my little receipt saying so, and checked that it registered online. I am not quite settled about it but there it is. Done.

I ended up choosing one of the titles I wrote about, although not completely happy with it, its done! haha...

I met up with a few people afterwards and we grabbed a drink at Imperial. I think its a good place to end the term. So many procrastinating days have been spent within the confines of that pub that it was only fitting we visit after freeing ourselves from the MA completely!
We still have 3 months before we officially graduate but there is nothing more to be done on our end.

I don't quite know what to feel and I am pretty sure writing isn't going to change that. I do think I need food and sleep. I haven't had much of either in the past few days.

Everyone wants to know what I am going to do with myself and to be honest I am not really sure. Its probably the first time I really dont have a set plan. Its freeing but worrying to my inner controlling Nicole.
I should venture off to find food now. Skyping with my parents and then BED!

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