Is it a feeling that sinks or rises? Legitimate or imagined?

Webster does not give an ominous definition. The first is 'the act or power of perceiving or comprehending' which, by and large, is nothing negative. The final is 'suspicion or fear especially of future evil' which I am aware is even more than just simply illegitimate feelings.

I am about to embark on an 11 month course that has emotionally taken a very large toll on my friends. I have watched it tear them limb from limb and, still, they have left individuals with solid foundations.
I am unsure of what this process will look like for me. Will I too be drawn and quartered to create a solid foundation that I may draw upon in the future?

I know for a fact that this will be only a thing to be comprehended. I cannot enter with fear. Fear does only one thing well - paralyse. And I am more than free from being bound by an uncertain feeling.

I do know that in 11 months I will not leave the same person I went in. I expect fully for God to massively boost me towards his promise for my life and for a huge push into his plan for me.

And that, surely, is nothing to be apprehensive about.

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