Well I have today and tomorrow morning (hopefully nothing crazy in the morning) to finish my dissertation. I am hoping that Chris has some good things to go along with the criticisms of my dissertation. sigh. I am really nervous.
I need to edit my conclusion a few more times and then be done. I sent off my abstract to be edited and it came back with only a few changes. I hope that it continues this smoothly. I did buy extra ink for my printer if I need to print off a few things more than once. I didn't get paper so I may have to go pick some up in town or on my way back from talking to Chris.

I have a feeling that I will need to so some heavy editing to make it flow better but I have had a few days break so I can stay up really late tonight if I need to.

I've also been looking for print shops in town centre that are open on the weekend in case I need to print it out over the weekend and then hand it in early Monday. I have a feeling this is the path I will need to take.

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