'A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that's unlocked and opens inwards; as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push.'
Ludwig Wittgenstein

I think everyone that witnesses someone pulling/pushing the wrong way on a door has to laugh. We laugh for a few reasons. Generally because the directions are written in MASSIVE letters at eye hight giving directions to the potential door opener. They struggle against the 'locked' door, sometimes asking others why in the world the door is locked, or giving up and staring at it for a bit. We laugh because we have all done this.
* I did this twice today -- and not the laughing part*

How much more trapped are we when the door does not come labelled?

Wittgenstein was an interesting man/philosopher but I find a lot of truth in this quote.

I find myself confused about situations in life. Feeling trapped by the circumstances and the way out seems to be locked. With no windows or escape hatches to jump from, the door seems the only way out. Smashing it becomes an option to the panicked individual, but before that comes along I stand there pushing against the door which should be pulled. Crying out, 'why is this locked, I cant get out!? Help!'

I have prayed that prayer many times. Asking why the way out seems locked.

All I simply must do is pull on the door. Try a different angle, consider a new solution, or take a moment and examine the door.

Christians try and convince themselves that they are meant to be trapped in the room. I think that its a way out instead of asking why in the world the door is locked. The answer always comes back calmly. Pull. Unless, of course, your door is a push door.

All of this to say I have taken a moment to examine my door. I haven't figured out if I am pushing or pulling on the door to do the opposite. However, this moment in life - my trapped in a room moment - is learning to consider the way out and how to open it.

Not sure if that's the application Wittgenstein had in mind but there it is.

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