I suck at it.

I think when I feel particularly vulnerable emotionally I withdraw. I can see it happening at the moment.

I suppose my problem is knowing when I am okay and when I am not . What is safe? Because the moment I am a little (or a lot!?) vulnerable I freak out. I dislike feeling that my soul is bared to another human or humans and it makes me panic. My family gets a pass on this because they have to love me.

It's everyone else that makes me nervous.

The problem is that its not necessarily unwarranted nervous feelings.
I am not aware of the median of these emotions. too much or too little seems to be the extremes. I have no idea where the middle is so I err on the side of none.

My friends have been the ones to force this side out of me. I dislike being vulnerable and will flee.
Literally run.

My friends chase.
I don't know how to fix it.
Maybe specific directions on the median between either would be appropriate.

Whether such a thing exists is to be determined.

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