Which way is up?

I must ask you, which way is up? For although a simple question, it proves to be slightly difficult in answering. 
The moment I feel my heart fly the knots in my stomach sink. Or do they rise? And did my heart just fall into something. Was it up or down? 
The sensation of being lifted up strangely mimics what I can only describe as a complete free fall. 
Weightlessness in an undefined direction strangely feels the same either way. 
Gravity's pull involves forces in both ways but which way is up? 

My compass has four points but none point up or down. Directionless in my quest to find which way is up I can only find my location using those 4 little letters. We Never Eat Spaghetti. Which isn't true. We love spaghetti, whoever we are and I am facing East. 

But now I am just as lost as before with my head  in an un-specified  location. Is my head in the clouds or have I buried it in the sand. Ignorantly blissful of my trivial position. Where is up? Where is down?

It must be all relative to its opposite? How does one define up? Is it opposite to down? Then how do we decide what down is? Is down under our feet? What if lying? Then down must be behind and up must be in front. Of course, this all changes with new positioning. 
take the sun. The sun never really goes down, nor even does it move, but only is moved away in rotation. Sideways, backwards, forwards and up all mean nothing to a multi demential rotation. 
So where again is up? which way then is down?

What of an object? Do we misuse it for years only to discover its been wrong all along?  If upside down is right side up then down may be up, and up may be down. 

Lets turn it all once more to find whether up was down or if down was right-side up. Of course, we must be able to find  the right-side... 

so, does anyone have a map?

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