I would consider a few choices in my life as broken rules.

I think the most important one was to not live with friends. It just doesn't turn out well. I have time and time and time again (you get the picture) lived with friends and it just hasn't turned out well. Sometimes completely ruining the friendship and sometimes ruins everything else.

I would definitely say that this is something I take into heart when I am choosing people to live with. Strangers come to the house with a blank slate. You dont know them very well and visa versa. Usually everyone is wary and protective and it lends itself to being respectful to the other person.
I think I am a pretty great roommate and I have had some incredible roommates. However, all of my most amazing roommates have been people that I didn't really know prior.

It is a rule I probably wont break again. (Unless I get married, then I will probably live with him haha)

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