She has read over and over again to guard her heart. Keep her heart safe until she finds someone to give it to completely.

But what these books fail to answer is how she is meant to guard her heart?

Does she keep it from others?
Can she hide it away? In a bag? A box? In the closet? Hidden under smiles and civil conversations? In-between surface relationships? Fortified amongst hellos and goodbyes?
When does her guarded heart become a impenetrable wall?
When is her soul so heavily hidden that it can no longer be found?

Is the answer not to hide it away but to do the opposite?
Does she share it with others in equal portions?
Is there a way to keep track of amounts?

It all seems ridiculous.

Can she really keep track of how guarded her heart is until its too late?
Did she watch it go as someone who never meant to steal it, unknowingly, had it in his pocket as he walked away? Did she keep it under lock and key hoping he would dig for it, but the process ended up warding him off?
Where is the medium?

The heart seems to float between these two situations, unguarded in its shifting path.
Each end upon its meeting of the soft unguarded heart deals a harsh blow -- chipping off pieces, denting, bruising.

Does she pick up the pieces and put them away? Does she ignore the dents, chips, and bruises?

Is there a right answer?

Will she ever know?
12/28/2011 08:19:25

There's a really cool book called every young womans battle by ethridge..aside from that you could always give it to God completely ;) x

12/31/2011 10:35:17

Thank you for writing this, because I do not know the answer to the question, either.


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