I don't really have anything deep to post today.

An update may suffice.

I am a few days of work into Starbucks and its going really well. I remember a lot from before and have been keeping up. Still kinda slow at the bar but catching up. I think most of the things now are just going to have to happen when I encounter them. The crew is really nice and fun so far and I am working about 20 hours a week. (all that my current visa allows)

I am involved in the student church group on campus called Nooma. Its frustrating at times but I believe its one of the things I am meant to learn from. Being involved with students and close to a new church has been challenging and fun. It may be the cause of a lot of confusion in my life but I think its a good thing.

Other than a trip to Sidmouth a few weeks ago I haven't done much travelling around. Part of that is money and part is just the desire to go by myself. I think I am going to work out a trip sometime to go up North and visit Scotland. I've done Wales and southern England. I still have Scotland and Ireland. I think Scotland will be easier to do with only a few days of vacation to play with. I think I would be okay to travel there by myself. Not idea but possibly another growing experience. I did want to travel alone in my list of things to do. . . Scotland could be a start!

My family is doing pretty good. I think everyone is pretty stressed out right now. Mom and dad moving businesses and what not. My brother is in 12 hour day classes for flying. Then trying to balance skype sessions with myself and keeping in contact with the rest of the family has been a bit of a balancing act.

PhD research has started again. Julia Annas has published a book that I am SUPER interested in expanding upon. I just need to pick a topic to focus on and then go for it. It is going to be Stoic instead of Aristotelian though. I feel like a bit of a sell out but if it gets me funding I am NOT going to complain. Its still classical philosophy and its still academia. I do need to get a hold of some learning Latin software/books and make myself study. I will have to just admit defeat with ancient Greek but Latin I can at least start picking up the pieces and self -teaching a bit.

Overall I am happy. A little lonely. Not necessarily in the traditional sense of no friends but mostly a twinge of jealousy from friends who get roses from their BF just because or FB status updates about date nights. I know I have no set future in any country and that I have 1000 other things to focus on. Its unrealistic and all but just a twinge.

I guess it just makes me human.

Other than that I think the question I keep getting is why am I staying in England. I guess the answer is why not? I have work, a place to stay, close to a library where I can do research for the PhD I desperately want, friends, and a church for the first time in YEARS. If I was home I would be living with my parents and probably working at Starbucks. No church and no library.
There is no real reason other than homesickness for me to go home. I get occasionally the twinge of throwing up my hands and just retreating home, but that's only because home is easy and safe.
I can travel here and am being stretched. Forced to grow up without the necessary stressers of grown up life.

I mean really. If you had the opportunity to live abroad without any strings or requirements forcing you to be home, wouldn't you do the same!?

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