Pringle's puts it well: Once you pop you cant stop.
Once is never enough.
Until once becomes one time too many.
One drink, one puff, one word, one kiss, now, and of course, only once more.
More - only a little - is the once that becomes lots.
The once that becomes now.. I cant quit.
We rap about it and laugh about it but the reality is that you really can't stop how much you 'pop'.
A woman, much like you, went to get another drink. One of her many onces.
Yet, this once, became an encounter unlike any other. A drink became a drink, but not a once of many.
Many times before, at this watering hole, she'd encountered many others, but the many were of no rapport. But this once, would be just once.
Not another once of onces.
Once to meet the One.
Once to have a drink, Once, and never need another.
He told her that she could stop that insatiable problem of always needing another.
His once would be only One but it would require more and, contradictory, less of her.

A generation of insatiable appetites ponders at this idea, a drink of a man? And he says he can save her, but do you understand that he truly can?

To open your heart instead of your mouth requires a deeper understanding. Anyone who has fallen into love knows the difference. You dont love with your head but with your heart.
And to drink of his love will be enough to only drink once.

John 4

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