quickly frozen

It seemed though time itself froze in its journey toward its ill-defined end when you stood in the room.

Unaware, appearance would suggest, of the questioning gaze that floats across the room to where you busy yourself with tasks.
Questions burn in my mind, cross my vision, and blur the hard lines that define present reality. Questions that may never need vocalization.

The moment, it seems, is only shared by me. The beat of a heart is the only rhythm that has not stopped. Sounds and noise begin to dull into a soft murmur.

And then, as quickly as it started, it leaves.

The present makes itself known; deadlines rear their heads viciously to quell any soft flutters my mind might make.

but hey, I feel like I just met you.
And I truly know its crazy because present circumstances always are followed by my litany of excuses.

Safety in knowing that there is an unsaid blanket to cover a fleeting moment.

Dear time, was it minutes ago? Days? Years?
I cannot truly remember but only these feelings.

Beauty in their eventual return. Pain in their departure.
It is the intentional design, to be  quickly frozen, that it may be slowly thawed again.
However, never quickly and never in a constant motion.

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