Day 20 — Your favourite quote

I almost deleted this day and replaced it with something else. Not for the fact that I thought it was boring but because I didn't think I could pick one out. I have a few, all of which are tattoo ideas actually. The one I currently have tattooed on me says 'thus passes the glory of the world' in latin (sic transit gloria mundi) which apparently is also a terrible bands song. Or part of the song at least. Terrible connection that I did not know existed.

memento mori - remember you are mortal (latin)

gnothi seauton -know thyself (greek)

And the non tattoo related quotes are both from anonymous people.

"You get what you settle for" as my inspirational quote and "Time you enjoy wasting is never wasted time" for my slow down and enjoy life quote. They really almost contradict each other in their purpose but I find myself wafting from one to the other. I do need to remember to take time out and enjoy the people around me and the place I am in. However, I sometimes end up so defeated by the things that happen I just stop trying.

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