What about us when, we are small, gives us the aversion to the darkness? The fear that grips tighter than a vice, enough to paralyse and muffle the most terrified of screams.
That fear never truly leaves us. Those dark places that scare us still, even for fleeting moments. Alleys, dark waters, and lonely nights and cut off lights.

Could it be that we are creatures built for light? Those thoughts, desires, and motives pushing us to stay in lit areas. Away from the dark places. That primary calling in your being, asking and pleading with you to take it to the light.

Is your soul different? Does it desire the light? Is that what pleads with your body to keep it away from those places?

Then, we grow, up and away. We learn to hide things in the dark, the things we want no one to see. The fear is dulled and slowly dies to become a sick comfort. Those places, hidden, dark, deep deprive our inner selves from the light that we were once drawn to.
Have you ever seen a creature who has lived its life in the dark? Is it anything that you want to be like? Blind, sickly, and small are some descriptions that come to mind.
Yet, some continue to push themselves further into the darkness, those places of hiding away from the light things.

Love. Joy. Peace. are traded for darkness
That light.

Ask yourself, were you meant for something more?

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