I have always been drawn to the book of Job.

I find the story fascinating. I guess the character, power, and grandness of God shows clearly, to me, through his story.

I recently have come back to Job with fresh eyes. This time not for the character of God but of Job. He, through all of his suffering, praises God.

My recent prayer is for the spirit of Job. I want to praise God not when its just good but when its so terrible that there is no foreseeable way out.
I am in a good place right now but I know that tough times will come and I want my strength to be in the joy of the Lord rather than my circumstances.

My second recent desire has been for my heart to be broken for what breaks God's heart.

Overall, life has only gotten better recently. I seem to have doors being thrown wide open each week. I just am blessed and more blessed and more blessed.

I am eager to see what this week brings! I am beginning to have desires changed and to find things that I have been passionate about being brought back to me. Its refreshing and exciting!

I truly am seeing the power of prayer come to life.

I want to leave you with my recent studies. I have still been looking into the names of God. Messiah being my most recent discovery. It is actually not a name but a description. The hebrew word can be used to describe a litany of things. Marking, anointed one, to be set apart. Obviously Jesus fulfilled all of these things. Even more so the name, which I read occurs about 40 times, is in regard to the King of Israel. "The Psalm literature especially regards mashiah as God's agent or vice-regent... but from the New Testament we learn that the meaning of mashiah in Psalm 2:2 can not be limited to a king about to be enthroned, but is a reference to the unique vice-regent Jesus Christ (Acts 13:32, Hebrews 1:5, 5:5)."
I love how each aspect of the character of God shows through the various titles he is called. Anointed one, set apart, the only one able to completely eliminate sin so we are able to encounter God ourselves.

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