The picture at the top of the page is from Ephesus Turkey.
I took it during my trip in May this year. This gorgeous pathway would have lead to the sea but of course, after all of these years, the sea has moved away from its old place and is now miles away.
This little path was blocked off and its uncertain where it ends up now. Not at the sea as was expected but what seems to be a mountain now.

In the home portion of this website I asked you to join me in the celebrations and tears of life.
Well I have both really.
Celebrations first. I have recently been re-hired at Starbucks. This time in England! I had my first day on Friday and it was really fun. The people are great and I remember a lot of things still. I also got a great email from my MA supervisor regarding my PhD proposal. I have some direction and he is eager to help me along my way.
Both things that weighed heavily on my mind while I've been here in Exeter. Money and PhD stuff seemed to go hand in hand and were each addressed within the past week.
I have also become involved in my church a lot more. The student group on campus, Nooma, needed an extra hand and Ive spent the past two weeks entirely devoted to helping out.

Now for the second part.
I just dont fit in anywhere. It seems to be a life long problem of mine. I am unsure of how to deal with it. I have lots of things I would love to discuss but no one here really to go into it with. As much as I am involved with the church there isnt anyone I can talk to about spiritual problems who wants to listen. I'm not a student but I'm also not married. I'm not working a full time career and I'm not unemployed No one is really sure what to do with me or where to put me.
I don't even know what to do with me.
I do miss having fun. I know that church ppl are supposed to have fun and students are supposed to have fun. And I am just not having fun.
Im not saying I want fun 24/7.
I would like to enjoy myself and these past few weeks thats slowly just diminished.
I dont know why. I am not stressed or secluded rather the opposite.

I could just be crazy. This also could be the answer to many of my problems...

I feel like I am staring down the path at a mountain where I had expected the sea to be.

Optimum est pati quod emendare non possis

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